Pari Movie Review and Ratings

PLOT : Arnab rescues a traumatized Ruksana found under mysterious circumstances in a secluded jungle. With nowhere to go and her life being in danger, he offers her refuge at his home until he discovers a different side to her. Who is this woman and what is her story?

Movie Review : The movie is based in Kolkata during the monsoon with a backdrop of Bangladesh. Pari mark as a third movie of Anushka Sharma as a actor-producer and its definitely not her finest work which was looking promising from the trailer and teasers of the film, this one is surely better than Phillauri but not as good as she was in NH 10.

Anushka has done justice to her character but the weak plot and messed up story fails to grab audience’s attention, the maker could have been worked on the script of the movie to make it much better. Here the tale about spirits, ‘ifrits’ and ‘jinn’ will not scare you instead of that it looks dull and clichéd. Pari failed to fall under the horror genre, it doesn’t operate on that level as the movie goers who loves to watch the horror films will  be totally unimpressed. The trailers and screamers will insist you to watch the movie, but in the movie you will find all of them are missing or picturise differently taking the horror factor out of the movie.

Anyone who watch horror films will expect engaging storyline, scary scenes, terrific background score, visual effects, spooky scenes and their sudden occurrences but they will be disappointed with this flick as the trailer and screamers of this movie were way much better than the movie itself. Enough of the scene that shows something will cross the frame behind you and when you turn you will find it right behind you, Bollywood now its time to come out from these cliché as the audience have been watching this for years.

The movie is led by a fine set of actors, Anushka didn’t got many dialogues but her acting and scary looks are quite impressive. Parambrata Chatterjee has given a good performance and Rajat Kapoor as Professor Khasim Ali is intriguing throughout the movie, this one will be his one of the finest performances. Ritabhari Chakraborty a Bengali film and television actress got the decent debut in Bollywood,  she has done a good job in the second half of the film. But even their good performances won’t be able to save the film at the box office.

First Half is quite good but the second half somehow is in a rush and it has unnecessary love triangle, dramatic scenes, predictable and a dragged climax. Director Prosit Roy who made his debut with Pari was an associate director on Ek Thi Daayan, he didn’t choose a good genre for his debut, hope to see his good work in his next film.

There’s just one song in the film composed by Anupam Roy which hardly leave any impact on music lovers.

Overall HityaFlop Rating : 1.9 out of 5
Direction 2/5
Acting 2/5
Horror 2/5
Story 1.5/5
Music 2/5

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