Noor Movie Review

PLOT : Noor is the story of a young journalist who covers small stories but aspires to bring real stories to the light.

MOVIE REVIEW : Noor is an adaptation of Saba Kazmi’s critically acclaimed book, KarachiYouAreKillingMe!!
Directed by Sunhil Sippy, Noor fails exactly where the book excelled.
First half of the film revolves around the Noor’s boring life, which becomes quite catchy at the interval.
Sonakshi Sinha gave a quite impressive solo performance in Akira, but this one is definitely not impressive.
She shines little bit in the second half when the story gets on a serious issues, but still this one is a failed attempt to reinvent herself as a solo-heroine.
Supporting cast are average in their roles, Kannan Gill the stand-up comedian and YouTuber makes a decent debut in Bollywood, Shibani Dandekar & Purab Kohli are wasted in the film.
The story can be slightly stronger if the protagonist part could have been plotted well, that’s why the film fails to engage as a whole.
Here the theme of responsible journalism is lost because we are unable see any attempt at serious reporting.

Overall HityaFlop Rating : 1.9 out of 5
Direction 2/5
Acting 2/5
Dialogues 1.5/5
Story 2/5
Music 2/5

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