Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Review and Rating

PLOT: Relentlessly pursued by a powerful politician’s daughter who will do anything to make him hers, a man slips down a dark, risky path to reclaim his life.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein is a crime thriller series released on 14th Januray on Netflix. The show is created & directed by Sidharth Sengupta and produced by Edgestorm Ventures Pvt Ltd.
Runtime: 8 episodes (40 minutes each).

Star Cast:
Tahir Raj Bhasin as Vikrant Singh Chauhan
Shweta Tripathi Sharma as Shikha
Anchal Singh as Purva
Saurabh Shukla as Akheraj
Surya Sharma as Dharmesh
Anant Joshi as Golden
Brijendra Kala as Suryakant / Vikrant’s Father
Sunita Rajwar as Suryakant’s wife
Anjuman Saxena as Shikha mom
Hetal Gada as Vikrant’s sister
Arunoday Singh as Contract Killer

Web Series Review: A crime thriller that deserves to be seen. After delivering an engrossing crime thriller Apharan and Undekhi, writer and director Sidharth Sengupta is back with another gripping series. Every episode of Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein is very well written and crafted with twists & turns.

The show belongs to all its star cast. Tahir Raj Bhasin and Shweta Tripathi have delivered a brilliant performance. Anchal Singh as Purva is outstanding and does complete justice to her role. Brijendra Kala and Saurabh Shukla were excellent. Surya Sharma, Anant Joshi, and all the supporting cast have done a decent job.

The background score is exhilarating and the cinematography is impressive. There were a few loopholes that could have been eliminated from the show. It looks like a mini-series has been stretched into a full season. It could have been depicted in only 5 to 6 episodes. Few episodes are dragged just to increase the runtime of the show.

But still, the show keeps you invested till the last episode. The web series turned out to be much better than expected. The introduction of Arunoday Singh in the seventh episode and the cliffhanger ending will clench its viewers for Season 2.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Season 1 Rating:
Direction 3.5/5
Acting 3.5/5
Dialogues 3/5
Story 3.5/5
Screenplay 3/5
Overall Hit ya Flop Rating: 3.3 out of 5 Stars (Good)

Recommended 👍🏼

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