Wishlist Official Trailer

The story of a couple that promises to make the most of every moment and fulfill their wishlist.
Presenting the official trailer of Wishlist starring Hina Khan, Jitendra Rai, Namita Lal, François d’Artemare, Monica Aggarwal, Dhruvin Sanghvi, and Neelu Dogra. Directed by Rahat Kazmi.

Hailing from aspiring middle-class families, Shalini (Hina Khan) and Mohit (Jitendra Rai) are like every other couple; immersed in their work and spending long hours at their offices in the hope of having a brighter future but forgetting what it is to live in the moment and to enjoy each other’s company. Their love story is dealt a tough hand by fate and when struck by a heart-breaking news, Mohit and Shalini are brought back together to achieve a long-lost ‘Wishlist’ of forgotten dreams – which they finally decide to live.

In the pursuit of living life to the fullest, especially when every moment counts, witness a heart-warming film consisting of many meaningful realizations about love and life.

Wishlist releases 11 December on MX player.

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