First Look Posters : Kurukshetra

Presenting the first look posters of Challenging star Darshan‘s 50th film Kurukshetra as a Duryodhana.
Also starring Ravichandran in the role of Krishna, Sneha as Draupadi, Saikumar as Shakuni, Nikhil Kumar as Abhimanyu and Lakshmi as Kunthi.
Haripriya, Srinath, Srinivasa Murthy, Pavithra Lokesh and many others are part of the cast. Arjun’s role is not yet finalized.

Produced by Muniratna and directed by Naganna, is based on the Hindu epic Mahabharata and is narrated from the perspective of Duryodhana, the graphics team of Baahubali franchise will be working for Muniratna Kurukshetra too.

Kurukshetra has Jayanan Vincent’s cinematography, V Harikrishna’s music, Johny Harsha’s editing, Kiran Kumar’s art work and King Solomon’s action sequences.
It will be shot in 2D and 3D formats and the majority of the shooting will happen in Ramoji Rao Studios in Hyderabad.

Checkout the teaser here :

ಕುರುಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ ಟೈಟಲ್ ಲಾಂಚ್Kurukshethra tittle launch

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