Bantai from Haseena Parkar

Here’s the new killer track Bantai from Haseena Parkar, featuring Siddhanth Kapoor. This song is a celebration of the success of the first heist carried off by Bhai and his gang. Bantai is the Mumbai equivalent of a ‘dude’, and here the gang is rocking it on the streets of Mumbai.

Music Composer-Sachin- Jigar
Lyrics: Kirthi Shetty A.K.A Slim Shetty
Singer: Divine & Kirthi Shetty
Programmed And Arranged By Sachin- Jigar
Additional Programmer: Hrishikesh Gangan
Guitars: Indrajit Chetia
Music Production Head: Romil Ved
Recorded At White Noise Studios
Mix & Master: Abhishek Khandelwal @Yrf Studios

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