The Babysitter: Killer Queen Movie Rating

PLOT: Two years after Cole survived a satanic blood cult, he’s living another nightmare: high school. And the demons from his past? Still making his life hell.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is an American comedy horror film, directed and produced by McG and he also co-wrote the screenplay with Dan Lagana. It is a sequel to the 2017 film The Babysitter (2017), the film continues the story of Cole Johnson, as a new junior high student who is later dealt with another tragic blow, and then forced to flip the script to ensure his survival from old enemies.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (Runtime 100 minutes) is now streaming on Netflix. When the ending of The Babysitter: Killer Queen comes, stick around for the end credit scene. If you were wondering about the possibility of yet another sequel, this scene definitely gives us hope for the better part.

Star Cast:
Judah Lewis as Cole Johnson
Jenna Ortega as Phoebe
Emily Alyn Lind as Melanie
Samara Weaving as Bee
Hana Mae Lee as Sonya
Robbie Amell as Max
Bella Thorne as Allison
Andrew Bachelor as John
Leslie Bibb as Mom
Ken Marino as Dad

The Babysitter: Killer Queen Movie Rating:
Direction 2.5/5
Acting 2.5/5
Comedy 2.5/5
Story 2/5
Screenplay 2/5
Overall Hit ya Flop Rating: 2.3 out of 5 Stars (Below AVG)

All the actors have delivered an average performance. It’s an amateurish horror-comedy film and repeats the same theme of its prequel. But the novelty and fun that the first movie offered to the viewers are absolutely missing in the second part.

Not Recommended 👎🏻

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