Secret Superstar Movie Review

PLOT : Insu, a young Muslim girl, aspires to become a singer but faces restrictions from her conservative father. She happens to cross paths with a musician, which unfolds into an exciting journey.

MOVIE REVIEW : Debutant Advait Chandan has written a simple film and directed a beautiful and inspirational film which can engage its viewers.
After impressing the audience with her performance in Dangal, Zaira Wasim delivers yet another impressive performance in Secret Superstar and totally steals the show. Apart from her role, her onscreen mother Meher Vij who previously seen in Bajrangi Bhaijaan as Muni’s mother also delivers the good performance, her scenes with Zaira are the most heartwarming parts of the film. She shines in the film when she has to make the tough decisions for her daughter happiness.
And we have one more lovable character Chintan played by Tirth Sharma as Insia’s admirer and best friend, he will definitely make you remember your school days romance.
Insia and Chintan has well portraits the cute teenage lovers, especially the scene where she explodes with shyness while sharing her email password with him.
Another best performance in the film comes from Raj Arjun who plays Insia’s abusive father and a husband, one who beats his wife for every small reasons and treats her daughter like a liability will makes the audience hate him which actually works in the film.

Aamir Khan’s appearance in second half of the film adds the charm to this emotional story, the unpleasant music director Shakti Kumaarr will make you laugh with his quirky dialogues. The turning point of the movie is when Insia told Shakti that he composes songs that sound like remixes of good songs that never existed.
If Aamir was not part of this film, chances were there that this film also would had face the problem to survive at box office like other good films faces in bollywood now a days.

Music of the film is the soul of it, the songs are not the chartbusters but still they all go with the movie story line, Nachdi Phiran and Main Kaun Hoon are good tracks for the music lovers.

Overall HityaFlop Rating : 3.5 out of 5
Direction 3.5/5
Acting 4/5
Dialogues 3/5
Story 3.5/5
Music 3.5/5

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