Luka Chuppi Movie Review & Ratings

PLOT : It is the story of Guddu, a television reporter in Mathura, who falls in love with a headstrong woman Rashmi. Guddu proposes marriage and Rashmi suggests Live-in. What happens when they decide to live in, but the whole traditional family joins in too? That’s what Guddu and Rashmi are going to find out, in this Romantic comedy film.

MOVIE REVIEW : Laxman Utekar’s first Bollywood film as a director, Luka Chuppi explores the concept of live-in relationships in small town Mathura and Gwalior. The plot of the film looks promising from the trailer but the execution fails miserably and the makers couldn’t deliver a compelling family entertainer film. The screenplay is immature which includes unnecessary sequences and dialogues.

First half of the film focuses on the obstacles the couple face in Gwalior while staying in the same house without getting married but it shows none of the actual challenges of a live-in relationship. It is filled with some hilarious moments in bits and pieces, especially the bidaai song scene where Kartik bidding his family members an emotional goodbye one by one and the sequence of the nosy neighbour who spies on Guddu and Rashmi.

Second half of the film is barely funny and packed with few funny moments. After some point it feels like humour becomes repetitive and there were no laugh-out-loud moments for the viewers. The unsuccessful attempts to get married by Guddu & Rashmi also doesn’t elicit a lot of laughs.

Kartik Aaryan looks quite convincing in a small-town boy role who is at the receiving end of a mess he didn’t make. Kriti Sanon was better in Bareilly ki barfi, here she failed to impresses the audience. The chemistry between the lead pair was missing and their love story has no sparkle. Among all the supporting casts Aparshakti Khurana and Vinay Pathak played their part competently and rest are hardly recognizable. Unfortunately, Pankaj Tripathi is completely wasted in this film, although he makes the most of it but his character was written poorly.

Music is also another drawback for the film, remixed version of Poster Lagwa Do was already trolled by the viewers and all other are recreations of chartbusters Punjabi songs therefore credit goes to the originals.

Overall Hit ya Flop Rating: 2.1 out of 5
Direction 2/5
Acting 2/5
Comedy 3/5
Story 2/5
Screenplay 1.5/5

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