Kesari Movie Review & Ratings

PLOT : It is based on the true story of one of the bravest battles that India ever fought – the Battle of Saragarhi. The year is 1897 and the British Empire had conquered most of India, is now trying to infiltrate Afghanistan. Fort Saragarhi, in the NWFP (North Western Frontier Province) is a small communication post used to relay messages between two major military forts – Gullistan and Lockhart. Ishar Singh, a proud warrior who prefers to live by his community rules, is often found in direct conflict with the orders of his British officers. As a punishment, Ishar is sent to Saragarhi where a bunch of 20 unruly, undisciplined Sikh soldiers awaits him. And it is this bunch of cheeky but lovable rouges that Ishar leads into the battle when an army of 10,000 Afghani Pathans turn up at Saragarhi on the 12th of Sept 1897. It is now 21 Sikhs vs 10,000 Afghans on the battlefield.

MOVIE REVIEW : Kesari is a must watch patriotic war drama film for Indians, its a perfect tale of bravery which shouldn’t be missed. Director Anurag Singh has successfully delivered the film which describe the power of 21 sikh soldiers and gives the audience a authentic look at a story of true patriotism. The production design, cinematography, dialogues & action sequences are very impressive.

Akshay Kumar has done a complete justice to the role of Havildar Ishar Singh, he delivers an excellent award-winning performance. Parineeti Chopra in a special appearance as Ishar Singh’s wife gets a small but a decent role. The movie also starring Edward Sonnenblick, Vivek Saini, Rakesh Sharma, Surmeet Singh Basra, Brahma Mishra, Mir Sarwar and Rakesh Chaturvedi in the supporting roles. All of them have played their part competently and perfect in their respective roles.

First half has some dull as well as good moments, it takes its own time to build up & introduce the characters. Screenplay is slow & weak at some places which could have been done better.
Second half is packed with high action scenes and lots of wow moments. The war scenes shown in this film is never seen before in any other Bollywood film. The climax is top notch and will make viewers emotional. Watching Hawaldar Ishar Singh and Gurmukh Sing’s last stand will give you the goosebumps.

Music is not so great but works well in the film. B Praak’s Teri Mitti is impactful and a treat for the music lovers.

Overall Hit ya Flop Rating: 4 out of 5
Direction 4/5
Acting 4/5
Action 4.5/5
Story 4/5
Screenplay 3.5/5

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