First Look Poster : Friends In Law

Presenting the first look poster of English-Telugu language film Friends In Law, a thought-provoking story about an orthodox Indian mother going on a journey of self-realization after spending 10 days with her gay son’s partner.

The movie is a first of its kind Indian film about the acceptance of homosexuality. Its an engaging story of a very relatable, orthodox Indian woman who lands up in Bangkok and unexpectedly spend 10 days with her gay son’s partner. What follows is her enlightening journey towards self-realization.

Shreedevi Chowdary is making her debut with this film and British actor Ashlin Harris plays the gay son’s partner. Amit Khanna and Shreedevi Chowdary have co-produced the film with Swati Sanghi. Music by Advait Nemlekar and cinematography by Ajayen Vincent.

This is the first feature of Hyderabad based company HRH Film Productions, which is aiming to use the power of cinema to entertain and make a positive change.

Friends In Law

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